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What Are Ombre Powder Brows?

All semi-permanent makeup procedures imply injecting pigments of natural origin between the upper and the middle layer of the skin, and the same goes for powder ombre brows.

The pigment is inserted using a dotting technique called pixelization, giving a 3D, fluffy look to the eyebrows.

The powder ombre brow effect is easily recognized by the color gradation that starts at the beginning of the brow arch – known as the head of the brow – in the center of the forehead and gets gradually darker towards the tail. This creates an illusion of fading.

Whether the client is looking for a light soft shading or show-stopping bold brows, it can be customized according to the client's desire."

What Should I Know About Ombre Powder Brows Aftercare?

If you want to make the most out of this procedure, you need to know some things about the powder ombre brows aftercare process:

Your artist will probably give you an ointment to use on your brow area. Make sure to apply the ointment 3 times a day, or as often as your artist advises, and always use clean fingers or a cotton swab, especially in the first 3 days after the procedure.

Never touch the treated area with your fingers unless they are completely clean. There might be bacteria that you don’t want to get on your eyebrow area.

Always gently cleanse the treated area with mild antibacterial soap – never scrub as it will affect your final result. Rinse with water and gently pat the area until it’s dry.

Always apply a light coat of ointment on the area before a shower, and continue with this until the area is completely healed. Try to avoid getting your eyebrows wet.

Do not scratch, rub, pick or peel the healing skin. Allow it to flake off on its own. Once you complete the peeling phase, you may proceed with your regular activities."