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Can lip blushing look natural?

Yep, lip blushing can make your lips look a little bigger. No, lip blushing can't add any real volume, but it can make your natural lips look more defined, especially around the Cupid's bow, which will give you the illusion of more depth and fullness."

Can I Get a Lip Tattoo If I Have Lip Fillers?

Yes, PMU lips can be combined with lip fillers, but it’s better to get the lip tattoo first, as it’ll last longer than fillers. But if you already got fillers, wait a while before booking your PMU lips appointment – it takes at least 6 weeks for the fillers to settle.

You should be aware, though, that there’s a small chance of your fillers migrating due to the trauma of tattooing."

Who Isn’t a Good Candidate for a Permanent Lipstick Treatment?

Getting PMU lips is not safe for you if you:

Are under 18

Are pregnant or nursing

Are undergoing chemotherapy

Have hemophilia

Have major heart problems or a pacemaker

Have had an organ transplant

Have uncontrolled high blood pressure

Have diabetes (consult your doctor, it may be possible)

Have psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or another skin condition in the area

Have an auto-immune disease (consult your doctor, it may be possible)

Have anemia (pigment may not be retained properly)

Have a history of keloid scarring or hypertrophic scarring

Have a history of cold sores

Take blood-thinning medication

Take Accutane or steroids"

What Does Lip Tattoo Aftercare Entail?

Whichever you’re prescribed, avoid the following for 10 days:

Extreme exercise, swimming in pools or the ocean, saunas and steam baths – anything that causes excessive sweating and getting the treated area soaking wet

Tanning in the sun or a sunbed

Makeup in the area

Touching the area

Spicy food

Basically, you have to keep your lips dry – no getting them wet, no products of any kind. You just let them heal on their own.

Wet Healing

This is the basic aftercare routine that can be adapted slightly to suit the needs of your lips.

Wet healing implies blotting away the lymph from the treated area as frequently as your artist prescribes for 3-5 days after the procedure, and keeping the lips moisturized with a special aftercare ointment that aids healing until the peeling ends.

Sticking to the schedule may be a bit annoying, but it’ll give more even results and better retention.